big mac

McFine Dining: Watch This Top Chef Turn A McDonald’s Big Mac Into Haute Cuisine

There’s nothing better than a McDonald’s when you’re hungover but what if you could make your trusty Big Mac into something a bit more...   Read More

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Translation Fail: Must See Hilarious English T-shirts Spotted In Asia

Proof you should never wear anything written in a language you don’t understand!

licki s

Crazy Cat Ladies Rejoice, You Can Now Groom Your Pet With Your Tongue With This Licki Brush

Always wanted to groom your cat like she does? Now you can with this wacky Licki Brush that you attach to your tongue and...   Read More

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Would You Wear These Crazy Japanese Stockings With Pre-painted Toenails?

We all have those days when we can’t be bothered to paint our toenails but these crazy cool Japanese stockings could be the answer...   Read More

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Woman Puts Her Own Spin On Famous Instagram Pictures With Hilarious Results

fire 5

Hot Like Fire: These Firefighters Posing With Puppies Will Get Your Temperature Rising

This jaw-dropping firefighters calendar is something of a tradition in Australia and this year they’ve decided to team up the cute guys with even...   Read More

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We Want Plates: This Twitter Account Documents The Bizarre Way Food Gets Served These Days

Hilarious Twitter account We Want Plates documents the ridiculous ways food is now served up in pubs and restaurants because plates are so last year…


This Is Why You Shouldn’t Send A Cardboard Cutout Of Yourself To Your Mum

Dalton Ross knew his mum, Susan Talley would miss him terribly when he went he off to university in London so he decided to...   Read More


The Thieves Who Tried To Steal This Purse Got A Very NASTY Surprise!

Thieves get no sympathy from us but in this TwinzTv “Exploding Bait Purse Prank In The Hood 2016″ video you do kinda feel sorry...   Read More


These Twins Share Everything And Even Want A Baby With Their Shared Boyfriend

Meet 30-year-old twins Lucy and Anna DeCinque from Perth, Australia who share EVERYTHING, from clothes and shoes to surgery and even a boyfriend. Yep,...   Read More