You Won’t Believe What Horrific Crimes These 10 Celebrities Commited

Turns out it’s not always sunshine and rainbows in Hollywood!

big mac

McFine Dining: Watch This Top Chef Turn A McDonald’s Big Mac Into Haute Cuisine

There’s nothing better than a McDonald’s when you’re hungover but what if you could make your trusty Big Mac into something a bit more...   Read More

asian 15

Translation Fail: Must See Hilarious English T-shirts Spotted In Asia

Proof you should never wear anything written in a language you don’t understand!

licki s

Crazy Cat Ladies Rejoice, You Can Now Groom Your Pet With Your Tongue With This Licki Brush

Always wanted to groom your cat like she does? Now you can with this wacky Licki Brush that you attach to your tongue and...   Read More

ana 2

Super Skinny Stars: Celebrities Get Shocking Anorexia Photoshop Bodies To Spread Awareness

These shocking images of celebrities photoshopped to appear to be suffering from anorexia are courtesy of gossip websites worth1000 (now closed) and Freaking News to...   Read More

smoothie 7

Meet Smoothie: The Cat So Adorable She’s Taking The Internet By Storm

Cats on the whole are pretty cute but Smoothie, this adorable ginger British longhair who is causing waves online with her huge eyes and...   Read More

glow 14

18 Of The Most Incredible UV Ink Tattoos That Are Visible Under Black Light

If you have an itch for ink but don’t want to take the plunge with something so permanent a good solution is a white...   Read More

stocking 10

Would You Wear These Crazy Japanese Stockings With Pre-painted Toenails?

We all have those days when we can’t be bothered to paint our toenails but these crazy cool Japanese stockings could be the answer...   Read More

instagram 15

Woman Puts Her Own Spin On Famous Instagram Pictures With Hilarious Results

fire 5

Hot Like Fire: These Firefighters Posing With Puppies Will Get Your Temperature Rising

This jaw-dropping firefighters calendar is something of a tradition in Australia and this year they’ve decided to team up the cute guys with even...   Read More

pac 4

Game Over: Pac-Man Suit Is All You Need To Slay Office Fashion

Bored of the same old charcoal suit and need something a little more edgy to liven up a boring meeting? OppoSuits were designed with...   Read More

salt 1

This Underground Theme Park Is The Most Beautiful Place You Could Ever Visit

400ft underground in a Romanian salt mine is the Turda, a theme park consisting of a ferris wheel, bowling alley, a boating lake and...   Read More

we 11

We Want Plates: This Twitter Account Documents The Bizarre Way Food Gets Served These Days

Hilarious Twitter account We Want Plates documents the ridiculous ways food is now served up in pubs and restaurants because plates are so last year…

couple b

Dating Disasters: People Share Reasons Why Their Relationships Fell Apart

The path to true love is never easy and these people share where it all went wrong…


This Is Why You Shouldn’t Send A Cardboard Cutout Of Yourself To Your Mum

Dalton Ross knew his mum, Susan Talley would miss him terribly when he went he off to university in London so he decided to...   Read More


Peepshi Mania: Sushi Made Out Of Sweets Is The Cutest Snack Ever

Sushi and sweets are probably the 2 most amazing foods in the world so what could be better than combining them for these super...   Read More

lolli 8

These Edible Flower Petal Lollipops Are The Only Sweet Treat You’ll Want To Eat

Sugar Bakers Bakery have made these amazing lollipops that feature edible flower petals which only grow in a remote part of Tibet. The lollipops...   Read More


The Thieves Who Tried To Steal This Purse Got A Very NASTY Surprise!

Thieves get no sympathy from us but in this TwinzTv “Exploding Bait Purse Prank In The Hood 2016″ video you do kinda feel sorry...   Read More

ballet 14

Powerful Backstage Photos Show Just How Demanding A Ballet Dancer’s Life Can Be

Darian Volkova is a professional ballet dancer and photographer from the dancing capital of St. Petersburg and she made the ‘Soul In Feet’ project...   Read More


These Twins Share Everything And Even Want A Baby With Their Shared Boyfriend

Meet 30-year-old twins Lucy and Anna DeCinque from Perth, Australia who share EVERYTHING, from clothes and shoes to surgery and even a boyfriend. Yep,...   Read More

drag 13

Life’s A Drag: Phi Phi O’Hara Turns Herself Into Famous 90’s Cartoons

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant and drag queen extraordinaire Phi Phi O’Hara has taken up a #365DaysOfDrag challenge on Instagram and has made the project...   Read More

food 10

10 Things Everyone Who Loves Food Can Truly Relate To

Lingvistov is back with these cute illustrations detailing just how crazy us foodies can be!


Shredded: Fascinating Footage Shows Brutal Fight Between 2 Chimps With Alopecia

These chimps are taking no prisoners! Filmed at their enclosure at Twycross Zoo in Atherstone this shocking video shows just how dangerous chimps can...   Read More

cheating husband

Cheating Husband Gets Caught With Wife’s Best Friend In Explosive Video

What’s a girl to do when she suspects her husband is cheating on her? Sets a honey trap with her best friend of course!...   Read More

marilyn monroe

Blast From The Past: Hollywood Stars Get Hot New Modern Makeover

What if your favourite Hollywood celebrities from yesteryear were alive today? The guys at DesignCrowd have used their wild imagination to create these stunning...   Read More

kids 8

18 Hilariously Inappropriate Pictures That Show Kids Say The Funniest Things

josie jodie 2

Gorgeous Genes: Proof That You’ll Eventually Turn Into Your Mother

Here are 5 combined images of mothers and daughters which show the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree! Sara & Clemmie  ...   Read More

eyes 1

The Purrfect Pet: Is This The Most Beautiful Cat In The World?

Coby the British Shorthair cat is undoubtedly an insanely cute kitty, with other 200,00 likes on his Instagram account. His striking blue eyes have...   Read More

sister 3

15 Beautiful Sister Tattoos To Show Their Unique Bond In The Cutest Way

“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” – Isadora James

underwater 13

Underwater Art: Breathtaking Museum Turns Ocean Floor Into Artificial Reef Masterpiece

Museo Atlantico is the world’s first underwater contemporary art museum located just off the coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Internationally acclaimed sculptor Jason...   Read More

nicole arbour

How To Get Laid On Valentine’s Day: Nicole Arbour Tells You How

The controversial YouTuber is back with a Valentine’s special, enjoy!    


Star Wars Pancakes Never Looked This Good!

Dr. Dan and Hank are pancake artists and they’ve got plenty of videos on their YouTube channel to showcase their crazy skills. For Pancake Day...   Read More


Celebrate World Hedgehog Day With These 20 Adorable Pictures

Is there anything cuter than a hedgehog wearing a hat?

valentines 1

Star Wars Bouquet: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Geeky Girlfriend

Who said romance is dead? Roses are so predictable, if you really want to show your love and give your lady (or fella!) something...   Read More

creme egg

How Do You Eat Yours? Cadbury Opens First Creme Egg Pop-up Cafe In London

Cadbury is bringing a chocoholic’s dream come true as it brings a fabulously delicious pop-up Creme Egg Cafe to London’s Soho on Friday the...   Read More


10 Celebrities Who Had A Badass Latina Gang Member Makeover

1 – Kristen Stuart 2 – Emilia Clarke 3 – Anne Hathaway 4 – Mr T 5 – Rihanna 6 – Angelina Jolie 7...   Read More

umbrella 1

Cheeky Upskirt Anime Umbrellas Are The Latest Craze In Japan

The Million Girls Project has produced these crazy umbrellas that are taking Japan by storm. When you open the umbrella you are greeted with...   Read More

bowie 7

15 Of The Most Amazing Pictures Of David Bowie By Talented Artists

The world lost another music legend in David Bowie as he sadly lost his battle with cancer at the age of 69, as a...   Read More

dress 2

Talented Teenager Designs Dresses That Look Fit For A Disney Princess

Eighteen-year-old costumer designer Angela Clayton first started sewing when she developed an interested in cosplay 3 years ago and whilst she doesn’t attend the...   Read More

kendall 1

Kendall Jenner Makes More Money From One Instagram Post Than You Do In Five Years

It’s no shock that celebrities are paid to advertise brands on their social media accounts but it’s been reported Kendall Jenner makes between $125,000...   Read More

skate 10

Amazing Transformation: 100-Year-Old Church Turned Into Colourful Skate Park

Okuda San Miguel transformed an historic church in the Spanish city of Ilanera into a graffiti covered wonderland after it was initially converted into...   Read More

dino 1

Hatching Dinosaur Egg Candle – The Perfect Present For The Geek In Your Life

Is there one person who you struggle to buy for every year? This hatching baby raptor egg candle could be the gift they’ve always...   Read More

dep 1

Loving Husband Surprises Depressed Wife With List Of Reasons Why He Loves Her

LA based Molly Murphy has been battling depression for years and after a particularly bad trip to San Francisco she was delightfully surprised to...   Read More

fire 8

Proof That French Firefighters Are The Most Handsome Men On The Planet

When French fashion photographer Fred Goudon released a hot 2016 charity calendar of half naked firefighters he had no idea how popular they would...   Read More

card 13

25 Hilarious Christmas Cards That Sleigh This Holiday Season

Christmas isn’t Christmas without sending/receiving cards to your nearest and dearest (and that creepy neighbour you try to avoid…) but if you’re going to...   Read More

kim kanye

Son Of Yeezus: Did Kim Kardashian Really Name Her Son After Ex Reggie Bush?!

Kim Kardashian and rapper husband Kanye West welcomed their baby boy into the world on Saturday morning via a huge announcement on her subscription-based...   Read More

cat 3

One Man And A Cat: Guy Recreates Twin Sister’s Personal Pictures With Feline Friend

Gordy Yates always struggled with what to get his twin sister for their birthday but when they turned 28 he decided to do something...   Read More

girl 12

Woman Problems: Artist Illustrates Her Daily Struggles In Cute Comics

Quirky Argentinian illustrator Agustina Guerrero creates comics that most women can relate to – from new relationship stepping stones to being caught in the...   Read More

nan john lewis

Nan On The Town: This Hilarious John Lewis Parody Will Make Your Christmas

You know it’s almost Christmas when John Lewis release one of their infamous tear-jerking TV advertisements which get us all emotional and ready for...   Read More

lego 1

The Invention All Parents Have Been Waiting For – The Anti-LEGO Slippers

They say there’s nothing quite as painful as stepping on a LEGO brick and most parents will have felt the pain of stepping on...   Read More

tooth 1

Say It With Teeth: Women Gets Engagement Ring Of Fiance’s Wisdom Tooth

Not every girl dreams of diamonds, and when Carlee Leifkas got engaged to her boyfriend Lucas Ungar on Halloween she knew she wanted something...   Read More


Meet The Scrote ‘N’ Tote – The Ball Bag Shaped Gentlemen’s Satchel

Designer Daniel Bitton teamed up with prosthetic make up artist C.J. Goldman to produce the Scrote ‘N’ Tote, an affordable variation of the original...   Read More


Underneath Their Clothes: Heavily Tattooed People Reveal Their Hidden Inked Bodies

London-based photographer Alan Powdrill has created the ‘Covered’ photo series to document what heavily tattooed people look like underneath their clothes, revealing their stunning...   Read More

kotatsu 7

Netflix & Chill? Never Leave Your Bed With This Amazing Japanese Invention

Thought your bed was comfy? The Kotatsu is made of a blanket placed between a low table-frame and table-top complete with an electric heater...   Read More

ikea 10

Child’s Play: IKEA Adorably Turns Kids’ Drawings Of Monsters Into Soft Toys For Charity

Swedish furniture giant IKEA have been running their Soft Toys For Education campaign for 12 years but this is the first time they’ve used...   Read More

drunk 9

12 Pictures Of Hideously Drunk Celebrities They Don’t Want You To See

We’ve all been there, but fortunately for us mere mortals there’s a slim chance of us being photographed and shown to the world whilst...   Read More

bacon cake

Bacon, Sleep And Sexy Underwear: The World’s Oldest Woman Reveals Secrets To Living Longer

Meet Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world’s oldest woman who at 116-years-old currently holds the Guinness World Record and is in excellent health which she...   Read More

ginger celebs

Put A Rang On It: Hilarious Tumblr Account Makes Your Favourite Celebrities Ginger

Every wondered what your celebrity crush would look like if they had ginger hair and freckles? Wonder no more, fabulously quirky tumblr account Put...   Read More


The Ultimate Christmas Gift: Pills That Make You Poop Glitter

What do you get the girl (or guy) who has everything? Party pills that make them poop rainbow glitter, of course! You can buy...   Read More

paris hilton

Rocky Horror: 21 Of The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of All Time

Stuck for costume ideas for Halloween this year? Let these celebs inspire you: 1 – Ellene DeGeneres as Nicki Minaj 2 – Heidi Klum...   Read More

lamp 4

Cheeky! This Butt-shaped Lamp Turns On When You Slap It

Are you a fan of slapping butts? Of course you are! What ever butt-slapping lover needs is this fun and quirky lamp, the Slap...   Read More

girl pepsi

Pepsi Tastes So Good It Made This Girl Cry The First Time She Tried It

If you’re like one of the many millions of people who LOVE Pepsi and other sugary soft drinks we’re sure you can relate to...   Read More


Meet The Delicious Black Bun Whopper That Makes Your POOP Green

Everyone loves Burger King, that flame-grilled taste just keeps us coming back for more and in honour of Halloween they’ve released this black-bunned Whopper...   Read More

cat 2

Meow Respect: 12 Cats Who Don’t Care About Your Personal Space

They say cats don’t have owners, they have slave and there’s pictures prove they don’t care what you are or your personal space!

storm 2

The Empire Kicks Back: Stormtroopers Captured Relaxing On Their Days Off

Creative visual artist Jorge Perez Higuera began his Stormtrooper project in 2012 as his final year project for Photography University and has won over...   Read More

pizza 2

Portable Pizza Pouch: Never Be Caught Short With This Amazing Necklace

Do you often find yourself yearning for that last slice of pizza in the box that you left behind because you couldn’t carry it...   Read More

bear 1

Grin And Bear It: Japanese TV Show Throws Contestants To A Bear

Could this be the craziest game show ever? A clip from a Japanese game show has emerged on the internet and it’s utterly horrifying,...   Read More

illu 6

Illustrator Adds Cartoons To Real Life Photos With Hilarious Results

Brazilian multimedia artist Lucas Levitan has created these hilarious pictures using his creative skills and stranger’s Instagram images to create the app Photo Invasion....   Read More

harry potter bed

London Rent Crisis: Woman Offered Harry Potter Style Bed Under Stairs For £500 A Month

Just when you thought you had seen it all the obscenely high rent prices in London pull out another shocker with this Harry Potter...   Read More

mike tyson

Hero To Zero: Mega Rich Stars Who Lost All Their Cash And Are Now Broke

Sometimes you really can have it all but what happens when you lose everything? Being on top of your game and having the world...   Read More


Man Bun Mania: 10 Of The Hottest Male Celebrities Rocking Top Knots

We’re loving the current trend of le man bun, guys with just enough hair to tie in a loose bun on the top of...   Read More


15 Of The Most Hilarious Sexting Fails Of All Time

Some guys just have no game! 1 – This guy really cares about the environment   2 – This guy cuts to the chase...   Read More

promise phan

The Most Insane Double Vision Halloween Makeup You’ll See All Year

Makeup artist Promise Phan has brought us the most amazing makeup look that blows all the regurgitated zombies and vampires completely out of the...   Read More


10 Of The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks From Around The World

There’s something eerily beautiful about an abandoned amusement park, especially when nature has taken over as parks go out of business due to high...   Read More

fail 5

Photo Fail: 10 Perfectly Timed Photos They Wish Hadn’t Been Taken

These perfectly timed photos capture that exact moment where it all went wrong… 1 – Let’s raise a glass… or not. 2 – Don’t...   Read More


Not Tonight: 15 Reasons Why Abstaining From Sex Can Be Good For You

Users of anonymous secret submission site Whisper reveal why not getting steamy between the sheets is is all the rage… 1. 2. 3. 4....   Read More

bacon roses

Bacon And Chill: Meet Sizzl – The Dating App Made Exclusively For Bacon Lovers

It feels like every single (and some not so single…) people are on dating apps that promise to match them with Mr or Mrs...   Read More

slap guy

Slap And Tickle: Hypnotised Guy Slaps His Own Head Whenever He Thinks About Sex

Ladies, would you want your boyfriend to slap his own head every time he looks at another girl or has a sexy thought? This...   Read More


Kanye Gay: Is West Cheating On Kim Kardashian With A MAN?!

The rumour mill has been in overdrive as sources out Kanye West as living a double life involving passionate sex with a gay fashion...   Read More

kim k taylor

12 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Deserves More Instagram Followers Than Kim Kardashian

It’s official, Swift mania has gripped the world as the Bad Blood singer is the most followed person on Instagram with a record breaking...   Read More

cake 1

5 Unbelievable Reasons Why You Should Cut Down On Your Sugar Intake

We all know sugar is bad for us and we all try to limit sweet treats but just how bad can sugar be and...   Read More

tom suit

We Will Never Forget That Tom Hardy Had The Best Myspace Profile Of All Time

Whilst he’s now a Hollywood sex symbol and has women quivering with lust, Tom Hardy wasn’t always the polished perfection he is now and...   Read More

face 2

These Beautiful Merged Celebrity Faces Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

Just When you thought Zac Efron couldn’t get any better…   Besties Taylor Swift & Lorde   Zac Efron & Colton Hayes   Megan...   Read More

katy perry fall

12 Of The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments They Wish You Didn’t See

When you live your life in the spotlight it’s only a matter of time before you’re caught on camera doing something you wish you...   Read More

photo 3

This Guy Photoshops Himself Into Celebrities’ Photos With Hilarious Results

All hail the new Internet legend! Peeje T (@peejet) has intruded on snaps on celebs with hilarious results, we wish we had his skills!...   Read More

facebook 3

Facebook Fails: When Bad Status Updates Happen To Good People

This is why you’ll never close down your account…

dad 7

No More Boring Sandwiches! Lunchbox Dad And His Amazing Bento Lunches

Beau Coffron started making these fun, quirky bento boxes for his kids lunches as a cute way of letting them know he was always...   Read More

hipster 8

Hashtag Blessed: How Socality Barbie Hilariously Mocks Instagram Hipsters

Everyone is following a few of the Instagram elite, their selfies are flawless and they always seem to be at a dreamy faraway location...   Read More

hero 7

Superhero Makeup Artist: From Mere Mortal To Comic Classic

Incredibly talented makeup artist Argenis Pinal from Temecula, California transforms himself into well-loved Superheroes with his amazing makeup skills and he’s so talented he can...   Read More

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Fixed Show

Who Hates Who? 7 Of The Dirtiest Celebrity Feuds Of All Time

Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus on stage at the VMA’s shocked everyone (well, everyone apart from Miley it seems who shot a sassy...   Read More

porn stars 1

Porn Stars Have Hearts Too: Adult Performers Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

You would think all that time on camera wearing nothing but their birthday suits would mean porn stars have a pretty thick skin, wouldn’t...   Read More

vegan ii

Is It Possible To Get Pumped On A Vegan Diet? These Bodybuilders Show You How!

When you think of bodybuilders you think of endless rounds of steak, lean meats and eggs by the dozen but these bodybuilders have blasted...   Read More

dismaland 12

Banksy’s Dismaland: Artistic Genius Or Anarchistic Amusement?

Infamous street artist Banksy unveiled his newest project on Thursday hailed as the ‘UK’s worst tourist attraction’ set in the abandoned Tropicana swimming resort...   Read More

hobbit 1

10 Of The Most Amazing Homes Around The World You Would Love To Live In

Sometimes all you need is a little creativity… 1 – Magic hobbit house. This eco-friendly fairytale house was the brainchild of photographer Simon Dale...   Read More

creepy 4

21 Of The Creepiest Photographs You Just Can’t Explain

1 – A woman undergoing ‘freckle removal treatment’. 2 – The most popular treatment for children with polio, an Iron Lung. 3 – These...   Read More


Gross Gourmet: 12 Of The Weirdest Foods You’ll Ever Put In Your Mouth

We know travelling broadens the horizons but would you try any of these weird and wonderful foods on your holidays? 1 – Surstromming. A...   Read More

bobbi kristina

Finally At Peace: Bobbi Kristina Dead At 22 After 6 Month Coma

Troubled Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown passed away peacefully at Peachtree Christian Hospice with her family by her side 6...   Read More


10 Pictures You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

A perfectly timed photo can be a thing of beauty and these amazing photos are proof for it. The calm before the storm  ...   Read More

prince george

Happy 2nd Birthday Prince George! 10 Of His Most Adorable Moments

Little Prince George turns 2 today and how better to celebrate than with a few of his cutest snaps? Awww! 1 – Just look at...   Read More


10 SHOCKING Things You Didn’t Know About The Kardashian Clan

1 – Whilst everyone knows their dad, O.J. Simpson’s was infamous defence lawyer Robert Kardashian not many people know Kendall’s middle name is Nicole, in...   Read More

mini me 9

Too Cute! Proud Animals With Their Adorable Miniature Counterparts

1 – These kitties are just too cute! 2 – A very proud dad. 3 – Simba, is that you? 4 – Nothing is...   Read More

russia 6

20 Of The Worst Russian Dating Site Profile Pictures You MUST See

God bless Mother Russia. 1 – We don’t know what’s going on this picture and we’re pretty she doesn’t either.  

kourtney kardash fail

FAIL! 15 Of The Biggest Photoshop Disasters On The Internet

1 – Beyonce’s thigh gap

tantrum 12

21 Reasons Why My Kid Is Crying: Temper Tantrums You Can’t Help But Find Hilarious

Aren’t kids wonderful?


10 Amazing Tricks You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

1 – Command Siri to read out your emails. Simply tell Siri to ‘read my email’ and she will oblige by telling you the...   Read More


Discover The Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has got so many uses and apart from being great for your hair, it’s also good for skin care, controlling your cholesterol...   Read More

messy kid

25 Genius Hacks To Make Parenting Easier

Parenting can be hard work and sometimes you’ll feel like you need to be super human to get everything under control but these tips...   Read More

kanye west

10 Celebrities Who Had Horrible Day Jobs

Hate your job? These stars also sold their soul for little pay to scrape by before they hit the big time. 1 – Eva...   Read More

kim kardashian no makeup

20 Stars Who Are Shockingly UGLY Without Their Makeup

We often only see celebrities at their best, which usually means after they’ve spent hours in a hair and make up department being primped...   Read More

The London Eye is not an actual eye! Crazy, right?

10 Reasons Why Foreigners Shouldn’t Move To London

Whether you’ve been living in London for a week, a year or a decade, some things are really hard to get used to if...   Read More

angry cat

11 Cats Who Are Way More Stressed Than You

The Internet is for cats and here’s a selection of kitties who’re not having a great day. 1. This cat, stuck in a box

rita ora fat

Fat Celebs – 7 Hilarious Photos They’d Hate For You To See

BBW’s (big, beautiful women) have an army of fans worldwide with hundreds of websites dedicated to fuller framed women who enjoy flaunting their curves...   Read More

canned chicken

GROSS! 12 Disgusting Canned Food For The Zombie Apocalypse

Canning food is the easiest way of preserving the shelf life making it cheaper and readily available but whilst we all have cupboards full...   Read More

kanye west

Kanye West is the talk of the Grammys for all the wrong reasons

Remember when this happened? Kanye West is probably Beyonce’s biggest fan judging by how upset he got that the Single Ladies singer was trumped...   Read More


All Men Must Dine! Game of Thrones pop-up restaurant to open in London

As Eddard Stark would put it: “Dinner is Coming!” and this time London will be in the middle of the action. To celebrate the release...   Read More


Criminal Celebs – 9 Ugly Mugshots They Don’t Want You To See

There’s a certain charm about celebrity mugshots; it’s probably the black and white or the fact that they make them look more human and...   Read More

nutella banana pancake

Jars at the ready: Top 5 Nutella recipes!

Nutella: the world’s favourite chocolate spread. It’s not just a simple spread though, it’s also a very versatile cooking ingredient. Here are our favourite...   Read More


12 Celebrities And Their Sexy Younger Lovers

Age is nothing but a number, right? These celebrities certainly seem to think so! 1 – Beyonce (32) & Jay Z (44) – 12...   Read More


All-female kick-ass cast for the new Ghostbusters film

When a remake or reboot of a classic film is announced, the internet goes mental: on one hand you’ve got those who get offended by...   Read More

lady gaga

10 Shockingly Dangerous Celeb Weight Loss Secrets

Fad diets are more popular than ever what with more and more people adopting a low-carb eating plan or exercising more extreme weight loss...   Read More


10 REVOLTING Fast Food Items From Around The World

So KFC Philippines has come up with what could be dubbed a Health Minister’s nightmare or a dietician’s wet dream (after all they need fat...   Read More

Eagle Eye Los Angeles Premiere

6 Of The Hottest Gay Female Celebrities

1 – Lindsay Lohan The actress identified herself as bisexual to Harper’s Bazaar in 2008 and said:  “Maybe. Yeah. . . I don’t want...   Read More


Nutella and other banned baby names from around the world

In France a judge has ruled that a couple cannot call their baby daughter Nutella because of the fact that it’s a trade name....   Read More

kim kardashian butt

Stars who don’t squat: celebrities with butt implants

Spend hours in the gym with that iron bar squatting until the cows come home and still haven’t got a Kim K ass? These celebs...   Read More

Mina Gerges

This guy recreates some of the most famous shots in pop stardom

Media student Mina Gerges loves Kim Kardashian so much that he’s decided to recreate some of her most famous photos, together with some other...   Read More


15 Crazy facts you didn’t know about Australia

1. Australia is roughly as wide as continental USA or as wide as the distance between London and Moscow  

lemon water skin clearing

7 Reasons Why Lemon Water Will Make You Beautiful

Warm lemon water serves as the perfect morning kick-starter to have as soon as wake up to eliminate toxins ad rejuvenating skin from within...   Read More


The benefits of meditation you didn’t know about

Most probably you already know that meditation is very good for you, but apart from relaxing you, meditation is great for many more different...   Read More

minions hug

It’s National Hug Day! Here are some of the best hug GIFs ever

National Hug Day is an event created by the American Kevin Zaborney in 1986 to help his fellow Americans to touch each other more;...   Read More

weightloss 7

From flab to fit: 15 ultimate body transformations

The great thing about social media is that we’re able to ‘cyber-stalk’ to our hearts content and see what all our old school friends...   Read More

gregg plitt

Male Idiot Theory, Gregg Plitt’s death and other Darwin Awards worthy departures

Death is a serious matter, but sometimes when reading how someone died, you can’t help but smile at how their death came about. Cue...   Read More


10 Fitness Hacks for a better you in 2015

When it comes to new year’s resolutions, don’t forget that sweeping life changes are much more difficult to sustain over the long period. You can’t...   Read More


These 9 Life Hacks Will Make You Happier

It is now widely accepted that being happy will keep you healthier. Stress and anxiety can lower your immune response and make your more...   Read More

scott disick money

10 Of Hollywood’s CHEAPEST Celebs

Whilst it’s easy to get swept up in the all the TV shows that show celebrities in their multi-million pound mansions dripping in jewellery...   Read More

lil kim

Botched Bodies: 10 Celebrities RUINED By Plastic Surgery

Whilst we all want to hang onto our youth for as long as possible, celebrities feel incredible pressure to stay young and beautiful what...   Read More


UK in uproar as Cadbury’s ruin more chocolate

If there’s one thing the British care deeply about, it’s chocolate. Not only do we have to deal with Cadbury’s taking chocolate coins off...   Read More

tiffay gay ad

Mr & Mr: Tiffany & Co adds to growing list of brands advertising using same-sex couples

Major jewellery Tiffany & Co have used a same-sex couple in their latest ‘Will You?’ advertising campaign for the first time in it’s advertising...   Read More


These 7 Superfoods Will Make You Thinner

There’re too many fad diets around and life’s too short to try them all. Nowadays the general consensus is that you should improve your diet...   Read More

david beckhqam kids

15 bizarre celebrity baby names and their origins

Only a celebrity baby set to inherit millions could really pull off a name as outrageous as Apple or North West but where do...   Read More


15 Outrageous Celebrity Photobombs

Who doesn’t love Benedict Cumberbatch? And we all love him even more for his silly antics. After photobombing U2 last year at the Academy...   Read More

fox news muslims

Twitter reacts with hilarious #FoxNewsFacts images after ‘terror expert’ drops Birmingham blunder

With his speech like something from a comedy sketch it’s no surprise Twitter turned to comedy in response to ‘terror expert’ Steve Emerson as...   Read More


The infamous Bieber underwear shoot gets the Bondi Hipsters treatment

Just when you thought that Justin Bieber Calvin Klein shoot couldn’t get any, er, hotter, Bondi Hipsters Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier recreate the...   Read More


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Gallstones and other middle-age adventures

Harry Potter had some awesome powers but sadly that didn’t stop him from growing into a slightly dull, balding white-collar worker. That’s what the...   Read More


Je Suis Charlie: Cartoonists Worldwide Unite Against Hebdo Attack

Cartoonists around the world have responded to the Charlie Hebdo massacre by doing what they do best: producing a number of artworks which not...   Read More

woman eating junk food

The 9 WORST foods you can put into your body

New year, new you, and as losing weight seems to be on top of most new year resolutions lists it’s no surprise people fall...   Read More

empty toilet roll

This is what happens when you tell Twitter you need more loo paper

What’s the first thing you do when you have a problem? Tell Twitter of course! Luckily for Adam Greenwood, a vlogger from Lancaster, the...   Read More

Katie Hopkins main

Oops she did it again: Katie Hopkins angers Britain

Since the demise of Margaret Thatcher, she’s considered the most hated woman in Britain: Katie Hopkins is not afraid of controversy and her rudeness...   Read More


Release Your Inner Cheapskate With These 5 Stingy Hacks

You’ve been partying for a month; you’ve been on the lash several nights a week and you’ve spent hundreds on last minute shitty presents, most...   Read More


Guy spends $150,000 to look like his idol Kim Kardashian

Some hate Kim Kardashian but others absolutely adore her. Take James Parke for instance, a 23-year-old British make-up artist who fell in love with...   Read More

kim k kendall

Kim K disses sister Kendall by claiming she ‘bought’ the models career

Things are never calm in the Kardashian/Jenner house and if this explosive trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 10 is anything to...   Read More

cat drinking alcohol

10 new year’s resolutions that went horribly wrong

By the time you’ll read this you’ll have probably given up on one of your new year’s resolutions. Apparently, 88% of people quit within...   Read More

dog sgame main

THIS Is What Happens To Naughty Dogs!!!

What do you do when your dog misbehaves? Shame him on the Internet of course!


The top 10 new year’s resolutions you should be making

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15 of the most disturbing pictures of Santa Claus you’ll ever see

It’s not surprising kids are scarred for life when they’re forced to sit on the knee of these creepy Santas: 1 – Santa got...   Read More

cara delivigne

Who stole Cara’s crown to be the most Googled model of 2014?

Google compiles a ‘Year In Search’ at the end of every year which aggregates what we were all asking the search engine over the...   Read More

miss piggy christmas

Festive fail: 5 of the worst christmas songs of all time

With Christmas fast approaching the TV, radio and all of your favourite shops are casting an assault on our ears in the form of...   Read More

hot girl selfie

Gold-digger seeking rich husband wasn’t expecting this reply

I’m going to be honest of what I’m going to say here. I’m 25 this year. I’m very pretty, have style and good taste....   Read More

Banterings, a Chicago based cards company, has decided to come and help with a series of cards called 'Love your family & Loathe the small talk' which pretty much does what it says on the tin.Loathe the small talk‘ which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

These funny cards will shut up your nosy relatives

Christmas is that time of the year when you have some of the most awkward conversations with your family since “the talk“. From your...   Read More


See what happens when you give McDonald’s to food experts

These two Dutch guys got some junk food from McDonald’s, removed it from its wrapping and presented it to some food experts who were...   Read More


This Sainsbury’s Christmas ad parody is better than the original

As everybody knows, John Lewis is king when it comes to Christmas marketing, but it looks like this year the crown has been passed...   Read More


This woman’s cravings will leave you speechless

Many women experience all sorts of weird cravings during pregnancy, but Jade Sylvester’s is one of the most bizarre ever. While expecting her youngest...   Read More

The Song

This new Apple commercial will make you tear up

The Song is the new commercial that Apple has released for the Christmas holidays. In it, we see a girl preparing a nice Christmas surprise...   Read More


Watch These X Factor Contestants Have a Meltdown

As the 11th edition of the X factor draws to a close with a grand finale which will see the three finalists – Fleur East,...   Read More

christmas jumper dads

Christmas Jumper Day and dubstep dad dancing makes for the best festive advert

The Christmas spirit is in full swing as celebrities and the general public pull out their best festive wear for Save The Children’s charity...   Read More

brooklyn decker selfie

9 of the worst celebrity close ups as Twitter declares 2014 ‘year of the selfie’

Selfies are nothing new to social media, Instagram is awash with men and women posing into their mobile phones pulling their best duck faces...   Read More


You’ll never guess where these celebs spend Christmas

Not everyone dreams of a white Christmas and it looks like celebs are no exception. From Florida to Mexico, from Jamaica to Brazil, these...   Read More

my sad cat

‘My cat is sad because his spirit animal is Morrissey.’ Meet the UK’s saddest cat

Meet The Bear, a misunderstood poet in a cats body who spends his days pondering the wrongs of the world and feeling down about...   Read More

cereal cafe

6 Of London’s Quirkiest Cafés

London is home to some of the world’s most amazing restaurants and every cuisine you can think of is crammed into the bustling city...   Read More

breaking bad frozen

Frozen meets Breaking Bad in the best parody video of the year

Do you want to build a meth lab?     Movie hit Frozen has become the biggest animated film of all time – taking...   Read More

chris brown kerrueche

Chris Brown tells Kerrueche it’s over but did they beat these 5 celeb couples for most trashy split?

‘I’m single too, f*** that b****’ Chris Brown bellowed into the mic whilst performing at the Cali Christmas concert on Friday night after claims...   Read More


Supermodel at 47: Julia Roberts lands Givenchy campaign

Givenchy has chosen Julia Roberts as the face of their Spring 2015 campaign. The first campaign shot is a black and white picture which...   Read More

Tiger 3

Desperate Tinder Blokes Posing With Tigers

When it comes to Tinder, guys as well as girls spend hours trying to pick the picture which will cause the most right swipes....   Read More

hero dog

Heroic dog saves his owner’s life. You’ll never guess how

A 23 year old Alaskan man was working in his family workshop when a malfunctioning heater started a fire. Buddy, the man’s dog, sensed...   Read More

andrew scott

ExSpectre-tation: Moriarty beats Sherlock, will he beat Bond?

Fans of the James Bond series all around the world rejoiced when the title of the new instalment in the most longeve film series ever was...   Read More

zoella books

Zoella and 7 celebrity ‘authors’ who didn’t do it alone

The modern day people’s Princess Zoella aka Zoe Sugg’s debut novel Girl Online outsold the likes of JK Rowling and Dan Brown last week...   Read More


Get your boyfriend to take you to a romantic Christmas market – The 10 Best

Christmas: mince pies, mulled wine and binge eating! This time of the year doesn’t have to be all about gorging on food though and...   Read More

david beckham

Can Becks rival Posh or add to the 10 big failure celeb fashion lines?

David Beckham is the man who can do no wrong and truly lives up to his ‘golden balls’ nickname by being one of the...   Read More


Is this the best superhero movie ever?

Suicide Squad is set to be the awesomest superhero movie ever. With a stellar cast including Jared Leto, Tom Hardy and Will Smith, this...   Read More


Gangnam Style music video BREAKS YouTube view limit

Unlike Kim Kardashian, Psy hasn’t broken the internet but he has certainly broken YouTube. Gangnam Style is such a global phenomenon that the Google...   Read More

zoella girl online

YouTube star Zoella’s debut book Girl Online hits record highs

YouTube sensation Zoella aka Zoe Sugg has penned the best-selling debut ever after her book, Girl Online, stormed the charts and went straight in...   Read More

road accident

Most powerful drunk driving ad EVER

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) have put together this incredibly thought provoking five minute video compiled from road safety campaigns from the past 20...   Read More

azealia banks

Rapper Azealia Banks admits she is bi-polar in vile homophobic tweets to Perez Hilton

Twitter went into meltdown this morning as outspoken US rapper Azealia Banks launched a vile attack on Perez Hilton calling him a ‘faggot’ repeatedly...   Read More

flat d flatulence deodorizing pad

Get yours in time for Christmas, the fart deodorizing pad!

Struggle with smelly, embarrassing gas after a heavy meal? The Flat D Flatulence Deodorizing Pad could be just what you’ve been looking for! No...   Read More

kourtney nude 1

Kourtney Kardashian ‘at my best when I’m pregnant’ and these photos prove it!

Whilst Sister Kim’s now infamous #breaktheinternet naked photo shoot for Paper mag hit the headlines worldwide it seems Kourtney is also keen to flash the...   Read More


The Apprentice: The 5 Most successful Contestants

No one wants to be on the wrong end of a Lord Sugar rant and his famous “You’re Fired“, but whether they managed to...   Read More


10 Of The Most Hilariously Adorable Owls

1.This owl who smashed the sound barrier:

bob geldof

10 reasons why retail workers HATE Christmas

1 – Christmas songs. You hear them all day, every day from November and they invade your thoughts, dreams and aspirations and it’s almost...   Read More


Reindeer on the loose!

An albino reindeer, lovingly known as Tinsel has escaped from a Christmas tree farm in Market Bosworth after ‘sneaking out’ of the Leicestershire farm...   Read More

hungry horse doughnut burger#

UK pub chain serves ‘Double Donut Burger’

Can’t decide if you want a burger or a donut? Why not have both in the same meal! UK pub chain Hungry Horse has...   Read More

The ghost town of Pripyat, Chernobyl by drone

There are few places more intriguing than Chernobyl, hit by a nuclear blast in 1986 it has remained silent and abandoned ever since and...   Read More

Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer – George Lucas’ Special Edition


UK Black Friday brawl! Women fight over underwear and lingerie

Black Friday madness as British women fight over bargains in Victoria’s Secret.