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We Want Plates: This Twitter Account Documents The Bizarre Way Food Gets Served These Days

Hilarious Twitter account We Want Plates documents the ridiculous ways food is now served up in pubs and restaurants because plates are so last year…

How Do You Eat Yours? Cadbury Opens First Creme Egg Pop-up Cafe In London

Cadbury is bringing a chocoholic’s dream come true as it brings a fabulously delicious pop-up Creme Egg Cafe to London’s Soho on Friday the...   Read More

10 REVOLTING Fast Food Items From Around The World

So KFC Philippines has come up with what could be dubbed a Health Minister’s nightmare or a dietician’s wet dream (after all they need fat...   Read More

See what happens when you give McDonald’s to food experts

These two Dutch guys got some junk food from McDonald’s, removed it from its wrapping and presented it to some food experts who were...   Read More