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Translation Fail: Must See Hilarious English T-shirts Spotted In Asia

Proof you should never wear anything written in a language you don’t understand!

Woman Puts Her Own Spin On Famous Instagram Pictures With Hilarious Results

One Man And A Cat: Guy Recreates Twin Sister’s Personal Pictures With Feline Friend

Gordy Yates always struggled with what to get his twin sister for their birthday but when they turned 28 he decided to do something...   Read More

Woman Problems: Artist Illustrates Her Daily Struggles In Cute Comics

Quirky Argentinian illustrator Agustina Guerrero creates comics that most women can relate to – from new relationship stepping stones to being caught in the...   Read More

Nutella and other banned baby names from around the world

In France a judge has ruled that a couple cannot call their baby daughter Nutella because of the fact that it’s a trade name....   Read More

This guy recreates some of the most famous shots in pop stardom

Media student Mina Gerges loves Kim Kardashian so much that he’s decided to recreate some of her most famous photos, together with some other...   Read More

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Gallstones and other middle-age adventures

Harry Potter had some awesome powers but sadly that didn’t stop him from growing into a slightly dull, balding white-collar worker. That’s what the...   Read More

Je Suis Charlie: Cartoonists Worldwide Unite Against Hebdo Attack

Cartoonists around the world have responded to the Charlie Hebdo massacre by doing what they do best: producing a number of artworks which not...   Read More

Release Your Inner Cheapskate With These 5 Stingy Hacks

You’ve been partying for a month; you’ve been on the lash several nights a week and you’ve spent hundreds on last minute shitty presents, most...   Read More

10 new year’s resolutions that went horribly wrong

By the time you’ll read this you’ll have probably given up on one of your new year’s resolutions. Apparently, 88% of people quit within...   Read More