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The Thieves Who Tried To Steal This Purse Got A Very NASTY Surprise!

Thieves get no sympathy from us but in this TwinzTv “Exploding Bait Purse Prank In The Hood 2016″ video you do kinda feel sorry...   Read More

Shredded: Fascinating Footage Shows Brutal Fight Between 2 Chimps With Alopecia

These chimps are taking no prisoners! Filmed at their enclosure at Twycross Zoo in Atherstone this shocking video shows just how dangerous chimps can...   Read More

Cheating Husband Gets Caught With Wife’s Best Friend In Explosive Video

What’s a girl to do when she suspects her husband is cheating on her? Sets a honey trap with her best friend of course!...   Read More

Nan On The Town: This Hilarious John Lewis Parody Will Make Your Christmas

You know it’s almost Christmas when John Lewis release one of their infamous tear-jerking TV advertisements which get us all emotional and ready for...   Read More

Pepsi Tastes So Good It Made This Girl Cry The First Time She Tried It

If you’re like one of the many millions of people who LOVE Pepsi and other sugary soft drinks we’re sure you can relate to...   Read More

Slap And Tickle: Hypnotised Guy Slaps His Own Head Whenever He Thinks About Sex

Ladies, would you want your boyfriend to slap his own head every time he looks at another girl or has a sexy thought? This...   Read More

Porn Stars Have Hearts Too: Adult Performers Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

You would think all that time on camera wearing nothing but their birthday suits would mean porn stars have a pretty thick skin, wouldn’t...   Read More

Christmas Jumper Day and dubstep dad dancing makes for the best festive advert

The Christmas spirit is in full swing as celebrities and the general public pull out their best festive wear for Save The Children’s charity...   Read More

Gangnam Style music video BREAKS YouTube view limit

Unlike Kim Kardashian, Psy hasn’t broken the internet but he has certainly broken YouTube. Gangnam Style is such a global phenomenon that the Google...   Read More