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10 Fashion And Beauty Tips All Women Need To Know

It only takes a few simple steps to be the best version of yourself…

1 – Know your body shape! Find clothes that are a flattering fit and compliment your body type rather than what’s trendy, good fit never goes out of style.


2 – Experiment with different shades and textures when it comes to your clothes and beauty products.


3 – Invest in key pieces that can carry you through all seasons such as a smart suit, a well-fitting pair of loafers and a classic designer replica watches.


4 – Take care of your skin. Drinking lots of water is one of the cheapest and most effective beauty treatments out there, as well as regular facials and effective skin care products.


5 – Be sure to have regular bra fittings. A well-fitting bra is key to the perfect silhouette.


6 – When in doubt, always have a killer little black dress in your wardrobe.


7 – Switch up your makeup by visiting a makeup counter and indulging in a free makeover, just pick the consultant you most like the look of.


8 – Take care of yourself from the inside out, eat lots of oily fish, fruits and vegetables and limit red meat and junk food.

Portrait of a happy attractive young woman eats vegetable salad

9 – Get your hair trimmed regularly to keep it in tip-top condition.


10 – Always take your make up off at the end of the day, nothing spoils your skin like sleeping in all the dirt and grime you’ve accumulated on your face throughout the day!