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10 Of The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks From Around The World

There’s something eerily beautiful about an abandoned amusement park, especially when nature has taken over as parks go out of business due to high running costs and not enough business. Here we look at the most creepily beautiful abandoned amusement parks from around the world:

1 – Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan

gullivers kingdm

Only open for 10 years and built next to the amazing Mount Fuji, Gulliver’s Kingdom is now just a shadow of its former glory days and all that exists is a tiny faux village and a creepy giant Gulliver statue which lays face down in the middle of the park.

2 – Wonderland Amusement Park, China

beijing park

Plagued by financial problems the park was officially closed in 2013 after numerous attempts to get it up and running after originally hitting problems and closing for the first time in 1998. The park is one of the biggest in Asia and the builders had big plans to make it the best theme park in the whole of Asia, now it’s a demolished overgrown mass of childhood dreams.

3 – Lake Dolores Water Park, California, USA

lake delores water park

Originally created by Bob Byers for his extended family and friends (before opening to the public) in the 1950’s Lake Delores is now desolate and overgrown after visitor numbers dwindled in the late 80’s forcing the park to close. The creepy signs and disused water slides still stand showing the park’s former glory.

4 – Pripyat, Chernobyl, Ukraine


One of the most famous abandoned amusement parks in the world is the eerie Pripyat which was due to open in the late 80’s but the Chernobyl disaster saw that it never got an official opening. The disaster happened on April the 26th and the park opened for a few hours on the 27th before visitors were giving the announcement to evacuate leaving the park standing still in time. There are still flyers around Chernobyl announcing the May Day opening.

5 – Land of Oz, North Carolina, USA

land of oz

Anything Wizard of Oz themed is going to be creepy but the Land of Oz amusement park in North Carolina looks especially macabre due to a fire (allegedly caused by unhappy employees) which ravaged the park during it’s heyday. Opening in the early 70’s the park had a good ten year run and pulled itself back after the fire only to close 5 years later due to financial reasons.

6 – Dadipark, Belgium


There is quite a sad story behind the closure of Dadipark, it was once a vibrant, exciting amusement park which was first opened by the local priest and quickly grew into a thriving tourist attraction in the 1950’s. It all came crashing down when a little boy sadly lost his arm in an accident in 2002 and due to lack of interest from investors the park has remained closed.

7 – Encore’s Garden, Taiwan

encore gardens taiwan

Prior to the park’s closure after the tragic 921 earthquake which killed more than 2,000 people Encore’s Garden was a popular amusement park bringing over one million people to the country. Now it lays completely dead, which just a few photographs available online it’s almost like the park never existed.

8 – Camelot Theme Park, Lancashire, England

camelot theme park

Another victim of financial struggles, Camelot Theme Park never really took off with the owners blaming bad weather as one of the main reasons why visitors were put off. Most of the rides and attractions were sold off leaving the land a desolate space for nature to take course.

9 – Jazzland, Six Flags, New Orleans, USA


A victim of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 Jazzland didn’t have the best of starts and suffered financial problems before being taken over by Six Flags and becoming a bustling tourist attraction popular with both kids and adults. Hurricane Katrina completely flooded the park and ruined everything, sadly forcing it to close and leaving it abandoned ever since.

10 – Spreepark, Berlin, Germany

Spreepark Berlin

Unfortunately Spreepark was a victim of financial struggles as the parks numbers dropped drastically in the 90’s from it’s opening in the 70’s and the park couldn’t attract the business to keep up with the financial demands that the expansion of the park required. Spreepark closed with huge debts in 2001 and never reopened leaving it in an abandoned state after most of the attractions were shipped to Peru.