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10 Of The Most Amazing Homes Around The World You Would Love To Live In

Sometimes all you need is a little creativity…

1 – Magic hobbit house.

This eco-friendly fairytale house was the brainchild of photographer Simon Dale who spent just $5,200 turning a small plot of land into a sustainable living space for himself and his family.

hobbit 1 hobbit 2

2 – Floating house.

This mobile home was designed to float as to take advantage of the beautiful surrounding.

floating 1 floating 2

3 – Shipping container home.

This compact yet spacious shipping container home 2,045 square feet and cost a whopping $200k to build by Spanish architects James & Mau.

shipping 1 shipping 2

4 – School bus home.

Who needs motor homes when you can have a school bus home! Lots of room, mobile and cost efficient to run Hank Butitta bought the retired bus from Craiglist and spent 15 weeks turning it into a liveable home.

school bus 1 schoool bus 2

5 – Eco-friendly micro home.

This tiny home cost a mere $30k to build and is just 10′ x 10′ but the huge windows give the impression of more space and really open the place up.

micro 1 micro 2

6 – Waterfall house.

This beautiful home was built onto a waterfall in Bear Run, Pennsylvania by architect Frank Lloyd and is a peaceful haven for those wishing to be closer to the country.



waterfall 2

7 – Roma gypsy home.

This sustainable gypsy wagon home was built using entirely recycled materials and is just 160 square feet.

gypsy 1 gypsy 2

8 – Cave home.

Oddly, this sandstone cave was purchased on eBay and took over 4 years to build in Missouri, US.

cave 1 cave 2

9 – Rock home.

Maybe one for the anti-social! This Serbian home built on a rock is only accessible by boat or swimming and has been lived in for over 45 years.

rock home 1 rocke home 2

10 – Aeroplane home.

This converted Boeing 727 home was originally used for transporting people from South Africa to Columbia and cost a mere $24k to convert into a luxury 2 bedroom home.

boeing home beoing 2