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10 reasons why retail workers HATE Christmas

1 – Christmas songs. You hear them all day, every day from November and they invade your thoughts, dreams and aspirations and it’s almost like you can feel Bob Geldof grinning at you with every jingle bell.

kids tantrum2 – KIDS. KIDS EVERYWHERE! Noisy, doped up on Christmas candy and ready to wreck any display you’ve painfully put together in a matter of seconds.

3 – Everything you own will be covered in red glitter. It’ll be on your sandwich, in your hair and it’ll somehow get down your pants too.

4 – Gift wrapping when the queue of customers is 14 deep. There’ll be paper cuts and your head on a stick if it’s not perfect not to mention physically being able to hear people breathing down your neck.

5 – Customers not knowing what they want and rubbishing every gift suggestion you make. We don’t know what Sandra will like and we don’t care either.

eye roll6 – Overtime. Lots of overtime. Good for the wallet, not so good for the mental state and those Christmas songs just keep on coming. Your lunch break will consist of whatever you can shove in your face on your way to the toilet and back.

7 -The customer is always right! Don’t forget, if they saw an ad that states an item you sell is 50% cheaper than what you have it in the store as then by hell or high water they will get it for that price and the manager is nowhere around to save you.

8 – Never finishing on time. Even though you clock off at 6, you’ll be there until at least 8 facing up the displays various candy doped kids have wrecked and those last minute customers who are ‘just looking around’… For 2 hours.

home alone9 – Last minute Christmas eve shoppers. Frazzled, evil and mostly male. Everything on their list is sold out and it’s all your fault.

10 – The Boxing Day sale. People turn into savage wild animals grabbing anything with a discount sticker on to then toss it on a shelf or the floor when they realise they don’t actually want it. The shop and your mental state will be a mess.