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10 SHOCKING Things You Didn’t Know About The Kardashian Clan

1 – Whilst everyone knows their dad, O.J. Simpson’s was infamous defence lawyer Robert Kardashian not many people know Kendall’s middle name is Nicole, in honour of Kris Jenner’s late close friend Nicole Brown-Simpson.

kendall jenner

2 – Before she hit the big time with that sex tape Kim was Paris Hilton’s personal assistant and stylist. The girls are now arch enemies and are no longer in contact bar the odd catty comment on social media.

Paris Hilton (L) and Kimberly Kardashian attend the international launch event to unveil the new ima..

3 – The bravest sister Kourtney (remember how she effortlessly delivered baby Mason?!) broke her collarbone aged just 5 by jumping off a swing set. Ouch.


4 – Khloe has never been afraid of expressing herself and as a kid would tell people she was a dog and bark and jump up at people randomly. We’re glad she grew out of that one!

khloe kar

5 – Even though she’s not the sharpest tool in the box and is most definitely not know for her brain, Kim wanted to be a teacher as a kid. Yes, a TEACHER.

kim k

6 – Kendall has quite a funny story attached to her name as she’s actually called ‘ken doll’ after a long standing family joke of dad Bruce looking like a Ken (Barbie’s love interest) doll.

ken ka

7 – During high school to earn extra pocket money Kim worked at her father’s music marketing company called ‘Movie Tunes’.

kim k dad

8 – Whilst she tried to make an honest living for herself Kourney failed all her classes at college because of a fear of public speaking and then quit law school because she ‘couldn’t be bothered to go’.

kourtney kash

9 – Keen to spread her wings and escape the family madness Khloe moved out of the family home aged just 16 and got her own apartment but dad Robert made him work for her so he could still keep a close eye on his baby girl.

khloe kars

10 – Losing their dad hit poor Khloe the hardest as she lost all of her hair when he passed and had to take rounds of vitamins over a course of 3 years and constantly had hair extensions and wigs fitted.

khloe hair