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21 Of The Creepiest Photographs You Just Can’t Explain

1 – A woman undergoing ‘freckle removal treatment’.

creepy 3

2 – The most popular treatment for children with polio, an Iron Lung.

creepy 2

3 – These beauty queens didn’t want to be judged on their looks.

creepy 1

4 – A nurse poses with a new born baby in their gas masks.creepy 21

5 – Halloween masks just aren’t what they used to be!creepy 20

6 – Naughty children were made to work wearing ‘The Isolator’ in which oxygen was piped in through a small tube so the user could give whatever they were doing complete concentration without being disturbed by outside noises.

creepy 19

7 – A mental patient proudly displays the ‘man’ she made using the straw from her bed.

creepy 18

8 – American troops marching in their Brewster body armour.creepy 17

9 – This little girl grew up in a concentration camp and was asked to draw a picture of ‘home’.

creepy 16

10 – It wasn’t uncommon for Victorian families to pose with their recently deceased.

creepy 15

11 – Camera trickery or did this little girl lose her head?

creepy 14

12 – These Christmas clowns visit sick children in hospital and bring them gifts… and nightmares.

creepy 13

13 – A fire at Madame Tussaud’s in London left these creepy mannequins melted and deformed.

creepy 4

14 – A silent actor takes a break from filming a horror movie.

creepy 5

15 – Hell’s Cafe in Paris, a popular drinking establishments with the upper classes.

creepy 6

16 – A horrifying Halloween costume.

creepy 8

17 – Too Disney engineers attempt to fix an animatronic.

creepy 9

18 – These Mickey Mouse gas masks were created to make them less scary for children.

creepy 10

19 – A very creepy family photo, we’re unsure as to whether they are dead or alive.

creepy 11

20 – Young circus performer Myrtle Corbin who was born with an extra pelvis.

creepy 12

21 – Just two ladies wearing elaborate headresses having a chat.

creepy 7