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5 Costs to Consider when getting a Dog


We absolutely adore our furry friends, but they’re certainly not cheap to own!  Its estimated that you could spend thousands per year on your pet pooch and more over its lifetime than having a child – so be warned!

Here’s some idea’s of the costs of owning your 4 legged best friend and what to to budget for.

1 – How much is that Doggy in the Window – Do you want a Thoroughbred or mungral…..Its important to think about this carefully, if you want to own a Thoroughbred dog such asx a Beagled or a Corgi ( if it’s good enough for the Queen of the UK!! ) then your going to have to pay for it – and this can sometimes cost thousands.  Or you can opt for the much cheaper mixed breed – I mean are you really going to be ‘showing’ your dog to win the best of breeds award at a dog show?  If you don’t want a puppy a far cheaper way to obtain your new pet is to visit a shelter for rescued dogs, this is also giving a dog a new home and you the sense that you have done something good.


2 – WALKIES….most of us have to work for a living, and this is something you need to think about – how long are you out of the house?  If your out for long periods the likelihood is that you’ll need someone to walk your precious pup during the day.   Prices will vary depending upon how long you want your dog to be walked, if your using a large company or an independent dog walker and their experience.  Try using a family friend you trust and who knows your dog if they are available – you never know this could be a win win situation for you all as they may want a dog but haven’t the funds or room and you have the funds and room but not the full time that’s needed in the daytime.

3 – Initial Outlay…..when you first get your furry friend you’ll need to get everything you need for their care, from a bed, a lead and collar to toys, chews…the list goes on….including microchipping which could be a legal requirement in your country.  Think through these costs as you don’t want them to spiral out of control – yes you want to treat your pet like a Prince / Princess but don’t get yourself into debt over it.



4 Food Glorious Food….The cost of feeding your canine companion will vary depending upon its size, and of course the type of food you give them.  There are cheaper foods available but these are often padded out with fillers such as grains, whereas the more expensive food should contain more meat, which is better for your dog.  So read the labels and if you decide for the cheaper option then just make sure you are giving them all the nutrients and fibres they need.  They don’t need to dine on gourmet food everyday but just as we do they need specific’s to stay healthy.


5 Be Prepared….Insuring your pet is a good idea as there can be unexpected unforeseen medical bills. Shopping around for the best pet insurance is a must as just liked any insurance policies prices can vary depending upon supplier.


The last part……………………however much you spend on your new best friend you’ll be sure he will love you for it….but remember at the end of the day….love, walks and tummy tickles will be far more appreciated from them.