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Release Your Inner Cheapskate With These 5 Stingy Hacks

You’ve been partying for a month; you’ve been on the lash several nights a week and you’ve spent hundreds on last minute shitty presents, most of which have already been binned. The time has come to check your bank account. And weep bitter tears. We’ve all been there: the high of Christmas followed by the low of getting your credit card bill. Not all is lost though: you can make 2015 the year you started being a cheapskate. We’ve followed the best cheapskates in London to bring you this helpful guide. Read it and spread the verb:

Eating out


Why eat out when you got two functioning hands and a working stove at home? Alas at times your partner is sick of eating just beans on toast so you have to go out. Firstly: don’t go anywhere unless you’ve got a voucher or one of those money saving cards (like TasteCard). Drink tap water as more often than not your bill is high because of the two bottles of Chardonnay you and your mate have downed. If you want a drink, go to your local after the meal.