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5 Unbelievable Reasons Why You Should Cut Down On Your Sugar Intake

We all know sugar is bad for us and we all try to limit sweet treats but just how bad can sugar be and what else is it hidden in that you’re completely unaware of?

1 – Just ONE sugary fizzy drink can increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes by a staggering 22%! This figure also applies to other sugar laden drinks so think twice before adding that spoonful of sugar to your latte…


2 – Over 80% of Americans have higher than optimal blood sugars with obesity being one of the nations biggest killers.

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3 – Unlike glucose, fructose which is found is most soft drinks and candy bars, does not give satiety signals to the brain which can lead to overeating.


4 – Insulin is a sure fire way to age your body quickly as not only is it associated with type 2 diabetes but heart attacks, liver disease, kidney failure, strokes and other ailments are caused by a spike in the hormone. To keep healthy, cut sugar!

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5 – Sugar also affects our mental health as heavy consumption of desserts and sugar laden foods can increase the chances of adults developing depression and anxiety by as much as 30%.

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