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9 of the worst celebrity close ups as Twitter declares 2014 ‘year of the selfie’

Selfies are nothing new to social media, Instagram is awash with men and women posing into their mobile phones pulling their best duck faces or pulling a ‘mirror selfie’ in sweats at the gym. We all know them and most of us are guilty of doing them and statistics show we take around 40 pictures to get one image we deem good enough to post on social media to show the world how beautiful we are (at the right angle, with the right lighting).

Celebrities LOVE a selfie and revel in the instant gratification from their hordes of adoring fan but even they get it oh so wrong sometimes…

kim kardashian selfie

Kim Kardashian ‘broke the internet’ recently but this sun damage special is one of Kim’s worst shots. Usually preened to perfection with long lashes and glossy lips this make up free sunglasses tan is giving us sun damage just looking at it… Stock up on sunscreen Kim!