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Bacon, Sleep And Sexy Underwear: The World’s Oldest Woman Reveals Secrets To Living Longer

Meet Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world’s oldest woman who at 116-years-old currently holds the Guinness World Record and is in excellent health which she puts down mostly to her love her bacon.

susannah mushatt jones

Whilst most people shy away from the fatty meat due to the cholesterol, Miss Jones has bacon and eggs most mornings, sometimes putting her last rasher in a napkin and saving it for later. She even recieved this bacon-themed cake for her most recent birthday party:

bacon cake

Miss Jones also credits her grand age and health to getting lots of sleep, she wakes up at 9.30 most mornings and always wears lacy underwear daily claiming you shouldn’t just save your fancy stuff for best! She also barely takes any medication bar a multivitamin and pills to lower her blood pressure believing her daily bacon, lots of sleep and love for her family is all she needs to say healthy.

So it seems bacon, sleep and fancy underwear are the key to a long and healthy life… Sounds good to us!