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Can Becks rival Posh or add to the 10 big failure celeb fashion lines?

David Beckham is the man who can do no wrong and truly lives up to his ‘golden balls’ nickname by being one of the most popular players is one of the most popular sports. Not only did David captain the England football team for 6 years he earned his 100th cap, in honour of his 100th game for England in 2008. “That’s a milestone not many other players have reached,” he says. “When I did do that, it was a proud moment.”

Having retired in 2013 after bursting on to the scene in 1992 at the tender age of 17 Becks has played for Manchester United, Preston North End FC, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan and Paris St Germain over his 21 year career and is said to be worth an estimated £28.3 million.


With his army of fans and healthy public image can David bring the heat in the fashion world? Having modelled for Armani and most recently H&M as well as son Romeo on Burberry’s books the Beckham clan certainly know what they’re doing in front of a camera and with wife Victoria being a highly rated designer in her own right it seems all the ingredients are there for the Beckham fashion line to be a huge success. Teaming up with business partner Simon Fuller, Becks has signed a deal with Global Brands, a Hong Kong-based consumer brands supplier which have also distributed brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

But for every Victoria Beckham there’s a Lindsay Lohan of the fashion world, those celebrities who just couldn’t get their finger on the fashion pulse and had their line sail straight to the scrap heap. We look at 10 celeb fashion lines who made the flop, some of which you probably didn’t even know existed.

‘Dollhouse’ by Paris Hilton

dollhouse paris hilton

The socialite famed for that sextape launched a basic clothing line of everyday wear which didn’t really take off.

‘Lauren Conrad Collection’ by Lauren Conrad

lauren conrad collection

Launched in 2008 The Hill’s star Lauren Conrad’s fashion collection was set to be huge, due to her devoted fans who fawn over her latest looks. Unfortunately, it all came to a halt not long after in 2009.

‘Mblem’ by Mandy Moore


The singer launched a line of knitwear in 2005 which did well within her circle of celeb friends but she shut up shop in in 2009, saying she was ‘humbled’ by the fashion world.

‘Miley Cyrus and Max Azira for Walmart’ by Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus and max azira

Anything for Walmart isn’t going to be classy but Miley’s junior’s line with Azira bombed not long after it hit the superstores shelves in 2009.

‘Bitten’ by Sarah Jessica Parker

bitten sjp

With a string of successful perfume launches under her belt it was only a matter of time before SJP went into fashion, with budget retailer Steve & Barry’s. Unfortunately the brand filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and closed every stores, taking the Bitten label down with it.

‘Pastelle’ by Kanye West

kanye west pastelle

King of fashion Kanye is always one step ahead of the game, even employing himself as Wife Kim’s personal stylist but the rapper’s line was only worn exclusively by him and his celebrity friends on the red carpet. Whilst there was an official website, Pastelle never really took off and died out not long after it was first spotted in 2008.

‘Malibu Dave’ by David Hasselhoff

malibu dave

The Hoff launched the line in 2006 touting it as ‘just going to be super cool, laid-back surfing gear’ but unfortunately it never quite rode any waves in the fashion world.

‘Otzi’ by Kevin Federline

kevin federline

Britney’s deadbeat ex launched a kids clothing line in 2009 but like the man himself, no one was interested and it remains in the trash, along with his failed music career.

‘Dear By Amanda Bynes’ by Amanda Bynes

amanda bynes

The media’s favourite love-to-hate celebrity Amanda Bynes also launched in Steve & Barry’s, a small collection aimed at teenagers but had the same fate as SJP when the store ceased trading in 2008.

‘Outkast’ by Outkast


If the designers refuse to wear it, you know it’s bad and that’s exactly what happened to the hip-hop duo’s 2002 release. Needless to say, it bombed pretty quickly.