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Gender Reveal Party!

More and more people are throwing ‘Gender Reveal’ parties, when the sex of their baby is revealed to their family and friends by for example by releasing Pink balloons for a girl or Blue for a boy…or a balloon ‘pop’ or by the a gender reveal cake or pass the parcel and sharing that on social media.

The trend now is to go 1..2..3…steps further and have a whole lavish Gender Reveal Party..

Some celebs are doing just that…recently England Football team Goal Keeper – Jordan Pickford and his fiancee at the time Megan Davison invited guests to a luxury spa hotel in Carrville, Durham, where they announced they were having a baby boy.



No expense was spared and the venue had balloon sculptures a three tier cake a sweet stand and flower wall.  Jordan said “It was the best day of my life so far”