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Child’s Play: IKEA Adorably Turns Kids’ Drawings Of Monsters Into Soft Toys For Charity

Swedish furniture giant IKEA have been running their Soft Toys For Education campaign for 12 years but this is the first time they’ve used designs drawn by children.

10 lucky kids from around the world have had their adorable drawings turned into real life soft toys available to purchase in store with one dollar/euro going to UNICEF and Save The Children.

Stella, aged 6, Cyprus

ikea 1

Dora, aged 7, UK

ikea 2

Koen, aged 10, Netherlands

ikea 3

Albert, aged 7, Romania

ikea 4

You-Chen Wu, aged 6, Taiwan

ikea 5

Maja, aged 8, and John, aged 5, Norway

ikea 6

Terrence, aged 6, Malaysia

ikea 7

Karla, aged 10, Croatia

ikea 8

Thymeo, aged 4, Belgium

ikea 9