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Flamingo Fever


A new picture craze has hit Instagram and its called – THE FLAMINGO…

This is not the craze where children, teens and adults enjoy floating about in a pool on a giant pink inflatable Flamingo…..( or Unicorn..) that it seems is now old news….no this time its actually posing like the big pink tropical bird!

Celebrities are ‘flocking’ to this trend, with known Instagram pose experts including Kendall Jenner and model Winnie Harlow shown below showing us in their Instagram accounts how its done.


I will now look forward to seeing the pictures flock into social media of us mere mortals trying our hand ( or should that bed leg! ) at The Flamingo Pose..

Personally I’ll stick to floating around on my inflatable Flamingo as I struggle to take a decent picture of myself standing on both feet let alone one!