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Gross Gourmet: 12 Of The Weirdest Foods You’ll Ever Put In Your Mouth

We know travelling broadens the horizons but would you try any of these weird and wonderful foods on your holidays?

1 – Surstromming.


A dish that hails from northern Sweden is fermented baltic herring, more commonly known as Surstromming which has such a foul odour it can only be eaten outside. Sold in cans as pictures, sometimes they buckle and burst due to the ongoing fermentation process covering the surrounded area with a putrid smell which just won’t budge.

2 – Rocky Mountain Oysters.

rocky mountain oysters

Oysters, yum right? Not these bad boys. Rocky Mountain Oysters are actually bull-calf testicles which have been flattened and deep fried, often on the menu in Hawaii.

3 – Stinkbugs.


These are like candy to kids in Indonesia! Apparently if you pop them in your mouth and chew quickly they taste like sweet sunflower seeds.

4 – Hakarl.


Described by Travel Channel chef Anthony Bourdain as “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing” he’s ever eaten we’re not in any rush to try the Icelandic fermented basking shark!

5 – Mopane.


Traditionally eaten in Africa this caterpillar is often found on the Mopanes trees (hence the name) and is dried out and enjoyed as a tasty snack.

6 – Escamole.


For a major protein hit this Mexican delicacy of ant larvae harvested from the roots of the agave plant have a nutty and almost buttery flavour. They’re even considered to be known as ‘insect caviar’!

7 – Ying-Yang Fish.

ying yang fish

Quite a cruel practise that is now banned in most places (apart from China) the Ying-Yang Fish is still alive whilst it’s deep fried, giving you 2 tastes at once. The fish’s head is wrapped in a wet cloth whilst the body is submerged in hot oil to keep it alive, thus proving how fresh it is.

8 – Balut.


A delicacy in South East Asia, the fertilized duck embryo is simply boiled alive and ready to eat.

9 – Khash.


This started off as a dish made by poorer communities as it uses cheaper cuts of meat and offal, the name translating into ‘head and hoof’. Made from cow feet, head and stomach meat it’s a soupy stew.

10 – Nakji.


Pretty much octopus sashimi! The octopus is eaten whole, and often raw in South East Asia the dish does come with a few dangers, mainly the suckers which result in several deaths every year!

11 – A-Ping.

Deep Fried Tarantula Spider Phnom Penh Cambodia. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

A delicacy in Cambodia, A-Ping is basically a fried tarantula that is eaten whole and is considered a treat like candy.

12 – Fugu.


The puffer fish is highly poisonous but does that stop the Chinese from eating them? Of course not! Only highly trained chefs are allowed to prepare Fugu as consuming the delicacy has been known to call accidental death.