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Hashtag Blessed: How Socality Barbie Hilariously Mocks Instagram Hipsters

Everyone is following a few of the Instagram elite, their selfies are flawless and they always seem to be at a dreamy faraway location looking amazing with a thousand hashtags of how #blessed and #authentic they are. Barf.

A wedding photographer (who wishes to remain anonymous) has set up an account for Socality Barbie who perfectly mocks the unoriginal posts we see daily detailing how fabulous their lives are with a healthy dose of sarcasm for those who take their posts far too seriously.

“I was getting tired of seeing people taking the same pictures, in the same places, and using the same captions all while hashtagging ‘#LiveAuthentic,’” she said.


‘Taking a bath and feeling so #BLESSED’

hipster 1


‘Be the kind of leader that you would follow’

hipster 3


‘Waking up at 10am was so worth it to get that perfect light and fog’

hipster 2


‘I believe in the person I want to become’

hipster 4


‘Can’t wait to @Instagram my way through San Diego whilst building authentic relationships’

hipster 5


‘Wherever you are, be all there’… But take a picture first’

hipster 6


‘Road trip. Ready for this weekends adventure in the mountains!’

hipster 7


‘Coffee and Kinfolk. Cuz my lyfe is beautiful’

hipster 8


‘Could I be any more authentic?’

hipster 9