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Hero To Zero: Mega Rich Stars Who Lost All Their Cash And Are Now Broke

Sometimes you really can have it all but what happens when you lose everything? Being on top of your game and having the world at your feet with an endless cash supply must make you feel invincible but the good times only roll when you’re doing well and all too quickly you can right back where you ended up. It seems these stars weren’t too hot with their finances and landed in a little hot water…

1 – Anna Nicole Smith

anna nicole smith

A self-confessed victim of secret sabotage, Anna Nicole thought she had it made after marrying billionaire oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall but all was not what it seemed when she was left nothing in his will despite being promised a trust fund set up in her name. She sued his estate but passed away before anything came of it.


2 – Nicholas Cage

nicholas cage

Whilst one of Hollywood’s favourite actors (and a hilarious internet meme) Cage never went fully broke but he was so close he could smell it, leaving him having to sell off some houses and a few valuables. The quirky star had bright ideas to build a ‘funeral pyramid’ from the skull bones of a dinosaur and he found himself in serious trouble with the IRS for unpaid taxes.


3 – Kelis


The R&B singer was left high and dry when she was ditched by rapper Nas whilst pregnant with his baby. She publicly announced “I have run out of money. My survival is based on [Nas’] will at this time. If he does not want to pay for an expense, it does not get paid.” She wanted Nas to foot the bill for her mortgage, a nanny and an obscene amount to bank her baby’s blood to collect stem cell data. Weird.


4 – Cyndi Lauper

cyndi lauper

The 80’s star was riding high with her hit single ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’  but the music just wasn’t bringing in the dough after she took a short stint working in a shop because her contract with music label Blue Angel failed in 1981. Not one to be kept down, Lauper bounced back with hit albums and lived off the fruits of her labour.


5 – Chris Tucker

chris tucker

The laughs ran out for funny man Tucker as he faced foreclosure on his $6 million Florida home as he owed more than $4.4 million to the Sun Trust Bank.


6 – Mike Tyson

mike tyson

Only Mike Tyson could go broke by purchasing a tiger. With his lengthy career in boxing and am army of loyal fans, hard man Tyson came up short when it came to owing the British and American governments for than $17 million total in taxes. Tyson was reportedly $23 million in debt when he filed for bankruptcy.


7 – Wesley Snipes

wesley snipes

Probably one of the most well known cases of celebrity bankruptcy is Blade actor Wesley Snipes after his stint in prison after trying to cheat the government out of $12 million in 2006. Apparently Snipes hadn’t filled out a tax return in over 6 years…