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Is Dating a Younger Person the secret to feeling young?

Forget anti-wrinkle cream and age defying moisturiser the word on the street is in order to keep yourself feeling and looking younger you need to date a younger person!

Ask yourself the following: 

– Do you usually fall hard and have serious relationships?
– Do you want to get married soon and start a family?  
– Do you worry what people think?

If you said ‘YES’ to any of these questions, you may want to put on your big girl shoes and walk away. You need to be confident and risk averse to date someone much younger and not give a damn what anyone thinks. In other words, being called a cougar shouldn’t bother you one bit, not to mention a few digs on social media about your boy toy.

Now that we got that out of the way, ask yourself a few more questions:

– Are you recently single and looking for fun? 
– Do you have an open mind? 
– Do you have a secret crush on Harry Styles?

If you answered ‘YES to these, a younger man may be in your future. There are some excellent benefits to consider :-

1. You’re equals in the relationship.
Younger men are used to things being equal between men and women, so there are less assumptions about who does what. You both pay when you go out. You both do the chores. And don’t be surprised if he uses more face moisturizer than you do and its probably twice the price!

2. Younger men have less baggage. 
With less of a past the future looks pretty bright. Anything seems possible for a guy who hasn’t really been stung. You can make it up as you go along. He will also see the world through fun fresh eyes. And the good part is you’ll have loads of new and exciting things you can show him and teach him the finer things in life!

3. They’re physically more appealing.
I don’t have to expound here but a young athletic body is nice to have around and not just to move furniture. And let’s not forget the fun factor! Late night movies, dancing, discovering new music, and having new experiences – the things he can show you! You won’t be in bed by 10pm with a nice hot mug of warm milk – well maybe you will minus the mug of steaming milk 😉

4. It’s empowering.
What’s interesting is what a younger man can do for you emotionally. For the first time, you may be the one in charge. It’s empowering having a slightly more dominant role. And you also may enjoy nurturing someone younger. It’s very rewarding giving guidance to someone you believe in and care about.

5. Getting serious is always possible. 
If there’s a big gap, the more likely scenario is that you give each other some wonderful gifts and potentially move on. However if it does work out then thank the ‘god of love!’ You can have a long life with someone wonderful who keeps his own head of hair for many more years to come and doesn’t groan whilst trying to get out of the chair — the prize of the ultimate stud in later years!