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Male Idiot Theory, Gregg Plitt’s death and other Darwin Awards worthy departures

Death is a serious matter, but sometimes when reading how someone died, you can’t help but smile at how their death came about. Cue Male Idiot Theory and celebrity fitness instructor Gregg Plitt‘s death. The former Calvin Klein model and inspirational fitness guru was allegedly gathering material for a sport drink commercial when he decided to outrun a locomotive. Certainly that would make for some interesting footage, right? Sadly Gregg tripped whilst running on the tracks and was run over by the train.

Gregg is in good company though: by looking at all the silly deaths listed in the Darwin Awards annals (the award which goes to all those people who take themselves out of the gene pool because of their stupidity), it looks like 90% of the people who died in a stupid, self-inflicted way were men. This has prompted the Male Idiot Theory which states that “some men are stupid and do stupid things“.
Here we’ve gathered some of the funniest, most stupid Darwin Awards stories so you can draw your own conclusions: do men tend to be more stupid than women or are these just exceptions?

Ramming it in

A Korean wheelchair bound man rammed his wheelchair into the doors of a lift only to fall down its shaft. The guy was pretty angry because he had just missed the lift, so he decided to destroy its doors. Sadly, by doing so he brought about his own early demise.