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Man Bun Mania: 10 Of The Hottest Male Celebrities Rocking Top Knots

We’re loving the current trend of le man bun, guys with just enough hair to tie in a loose bun on the top of their head that looks especially delicious when they’re sweaty from a workout.

Whilst it’s not just your local hipsters getting their buns and guns out, man bun mania has swept Hollywood and 10 of the hottest male celebs make us wish the trend never dies out…

1 – Bradley Cooper

man bun 1


2 – Gavin Rossdale

gavin rossdale


3 – David Beckham

david beckham


4 – Jared Leto

jared leto


5 – Chris Hemsworth



6 – Shia Lebouf

shia lebouf


7 – Zac Efron

zac efron


8 – Colin Farrell

colin farrell


9 – Jake Gyllenhaal

jake gyllenhal


10 – Orlando Bloom

orlando bloom