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Money Talks: 25 Simple Ways To Save And Be Sensible With Your Funds

1 – Stop hoarding and start selling. All those old band t shirts you no longer wear, that collection of beanie babies and that old guitar with the broken string that sits collecting dust, sell them! Make yourself some money and de-clutter in the process.

2 – Remember the 30 day rule. Really want to buy those shoes or that vintage record? Wait 30 days to see if you really want it, chances are it’ll just be another impulse buy.

3 – Get in the habit of writing shopping lists. Not just for groceries, but when you’re doing any kind of shopping stick to a strict list of items you need to purchase and don’t stray!

4 – Repair instead of throwing out. Ripped jeans are all the rage and stitching over a hole really isn’t hard.

5 – Limit spending on entertainment. Our social lives cause a huge drain on our finances, a quick night out at the movies can turn into an expensive night once you factor in snacks, drinks, travel and maybe dinner! Try having friends over for a Netflix night or hanging out in the park instead of expensive days out.

6 – Drink more water. Not only is drinking plenty of water great for your health it’s practically free as it comes out of your taps! Stop buying soda and squash and top up on H2o.

7 – Avoid restaurants and take out. Creating a delicious meal from scratch is not only hugely creative and satisfying it can work out to be pretty cost effective if you factor in the lunches and other meals that can be made from left overs. Win win!

8 – Stop smoking! If you smoke, obviously. Not only is it disgusting and cutting your life expectancy down with every drag it’s a horrendously expensive habit.

9 – Batch cook for the freezer. Make a big batch of easy freeze meals like chilli so you always have something quick and easy to make on the days you don’t feel like cooking.

10 – Install energy efficient lightbulbs, they’ll save you a small fortune in the long run.

11 – Ask your water board for water saving devices to help your family cut down on the amount of water they use. A water saving shower head and a floating device in the toilet cistern could save you hundreds off your water bill!

12 – Choose quality appliances that come with a good warranty should they break. With something such as a cooker you’re better off spending more money initially for a quality appliance with a 50 year warranty than a cheaper model that will break in a couple of years that you will have to replace.

13 – Cancel all un-used leisure memberships. Chances are you’re not the gym bunny you thought you were going to be when you signed up for that fitness membership.

14 – Check the Internet before eating out for deals and offers at restaurants or sign up for a Taste Card if you eat out often to get up to 50% off your bill.

15 – Re-think your diet. Try having at least 2 meat-free days a week in your household. Meat can really bump up your weekly food shopping bill and not only is vegetarian food cheaper it’s also very healthy.

16 – Sign up for free samples. All over the Internet there are companies giving away free samples of their product, sometimes for a small review but often for absolutely nothing. They can come in very handy when taking trips away, especially camping.

17 – Downsize. If your kids have flown the nest and you find yourself rattling around a 4 bedroom home you could find yourself with quite a tidy sum if you downsized to something smaller with the current housing market.

18 – Shop in thrift stores. Thrift stores can be a goldmine for designer fashion at a snippet of the price, especially when it comes to baby clothes. Youngsters are only in clothes for a few months at a time so they still look brand new!

19 – Make your own beauty products. Coconut oil can be used in many different ways from taking off make up to moisturising skin after shaving and one tub can replace up to 10 products. Also, you can make face and hair products from your kitchen cupboard staples such as honey and oats.

20 – Consolidate all of your loans. Not only is it simpler to just have one payment come out each month you’ll improve your credit score and save money in the process by finding a better rate.

21 – Pack food for events. Instead of heading out for a pricey dinner whilst out and about pack your own lunch to eat instead.

22 – Buy staple grocery items in bulk. Tinned food has a long expiry date and cleaning products such as bleach and toilet paper last forever so it’s good to stock up when they’re on special offer!

23 – Invest in a slow cooker. Use up all vegetables that you would otherwise throw away to make hearty stews and curries simply by throwing in a slow cooker before you go to work. The leftovers make really good office lunches too and the cost of running one is just a little more than a lightbulb.

24 – Cut your own hair. If you have a simply hairstyle and just head to the salon for regular trims cut out the middle man by cutting your hair yourself or have a friend help you.

25 – Grow your own fruit and vegetables. Planting a little space in your garden for fruit and vegetables is extremely rewarding and very cost efficient.