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Mr & Mr: Tiffany & Co adds to growing list of brands advertising using same-sex couples

Major jewellery Tiffany & Co have used a same-sex couple in their latest ‘Will You?’ advertising campaign for the first time in it’s advertising history. The two men depicted in the cute ad are a real-life couple and Tiffany used them along with 6 other couples to broaden the portrayals of what marriage is all about, the bottom line being true love no matter what sex, race, background or form.

But do they do it out of principle or is it pure business? The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community held $790 million in buying power, according to a 2012 estimate from the Human Rights Campaign. Tiffany aren’t the first major brand to use a same-sex couple in their ads, here we look at other campaigns featuring gay couples:

Clothing giants Gap revealed their ‘Be Bright, Be One’ campaign in 2012 which featured a young, cute same-sex male couple which was plastered on billboards all around New York and caused quite a stir in the media. Parenting group One Million Moms slammed the campaign as ‘immoral advertising’ and wanted the ads take down.

gap gay couple