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No More Boring Sandwiches! Lunchbox Dad And His Amazing Bento Lunches

Beau Coffron started making these fun, quirky bento boxes for his kids lunches as a cute way of letting them know he was always thinking about them after the death of his own father made him want to make more of an impact in their lives.

He started his fantastic blog lunchboxdad.com 3 years ago to keep a record of his lunches and to share them with the world, encouraging other parents to get creative with their kids lunches and we wish we had a dinosaur themed bento to open up at our desks!


Big Hero 6 Lunch

dad 3


Minion Lunch

dad 4


Dinosaur Lunch

dad 5


Star Wars Stormtrooper Lunch

dad 6


My Little Pony Lunch

dad 7


Back To School Lunch

dad 8


Pinkalicious Story Book Lunch

dad 9


Captain America Lunch

dad 10


Pixar Inside Out Joy Lunch

dad 11