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Photo Fail: 10 Perfectly Timed Photos They Wish Hadn’t Been Taken

These perfectly timed photos capture that exact moment where it all went wrong…

1 – Let’s raise a glass… or not.

fail 1

2 – Don’t Instagram your doughnut when there’s hungry seagulls about.

fail 2

3 – This snap was taken as the photographer fell over, oops!

fail 3

4 – This water fail is almost like art.

fail 4

5 – This picture of an over-inflated balloon is so perfectly timed you would never see this with the naked eye.

fail 5

6 – You would have that exact same face if you just dropped your cake too.

fail 6

7- Looks like this guy is going to need a change of shirt!

fail 7

8 – Snowball to the head.

fail 8

9 – We bet that hurt.

fail 9

10 – We bet he regrets winning now.

fail 10