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Reindeer on the loose!

An albino reindeer, lovingly known as Tinsel has escaped from a Christmas tree farm in Market Bosworth after ‘sneaking out’ of the Leicestershire farm under a gate last Friday.


Friezland Farm owner Toby Ryley was devastated to learn Tinsel had escaped after purchasing her along with a brown reindeer named Holly for £1,500 each. The farm, part of the Bosworth Water Trust, is on the Warwickshire-Leicestershire border and the reindeer were purchased so they could be seen by customers in the run-up to Christmas and Toby was hoping to train them to give sleigh rides.

The reindeer came all the way from Finland so they should be finding the climate here quite warm and were purchased wild, so it’s no surprise Tinsel made an escape!

We hope Tinsel is enjoying her freedom.