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There’s a new term ( *well new to me as I’ve just found it out so want to share ) – ‘SAD FISHING’ – which is used to describe these people who use their emotional problems to hook an audience on social media.

Sadfishing’ is the act of making exaggerated claims about one’s emotional problems to generate sympathy. The name is a variation on “catfishing.” Sadfishing is a common reaction for someone going through a hard time, or pretending to be going through a hard time. According to Wikipedia


We ask 2 of our users :-


The debate :-

Karleigh James – Beauty Blogger

NO – ‘Sometimes we need a bit of attention’

To be honest I think its totally fine to post a cryptic message on social media. Sometimes all we want to know is that people care and that flurry of ‘U OK HUN?’ messages that come through does the trick – because sometimes the attention is all we need to feel better. We are only human after all. So if that’s what we are calling it ‘Sad Fishing’ then yes I think its OK’….its just a warm virtual hug.

Amanda Lee – Office Manager

YES – ‘Its not healthy, just message a good friend and speak to them’

Why do these people want to involve the whole of their social media group, come on we’ve al got our own issues, why do I need to console Miss X who I met through a friend on a night out once who added me on Facebook – yes OK I could delete her but if she’s Sad Fishing online to a mass audience then me befriending her will tip her over the edge….and I don’t want that on my conscience 😉

What do our users think is this a good thing or a bad thing?