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Super Skinny Stars: Celebrities Get Shocking Anorexia Photoshop Bodies To Spread Awareness


These shocking images of celebrities photoshopped to appear to be suffering from anorexia are courtesy of gossip websites worth1000 (now closed) and Freaking News to highlight weight loss issues and body image in the media.

Freaking News wrote: “Let us help prevent anorexia from spreading among celebrities and politicians, by showing them what they would look like if they were anorexic”.

Jennifer Aniston

ana 1

Angelina Jolie

ana 2


ana 3

Sandra Bullock

ana 4

Jennifer Lopez

ana 5

Katy Perry

ana 6

Keira Knightley

ana 7

Angelina Jolie

ana 8

Katie Holmes

ana 9

Marilyn Monroe

ana 10

Lindsay Lohan & Nicole Richie

ana 11

Eva Mendes

ana 12

Lindsay Lohan

ana 13

Jessica Simpson

ana 14