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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Send A Cardboard Cutout Of Yourself To Your Mum

Dalton Ross knew his mum, Susan Talley would miss him terribly when he went he off to university in London so he decided to do something drastic and sent her a …

11 Cats Who Are Way More Stressed Than You

The Internet is for cats and here’s a selection of kitties who’re not having a great day. 1. This cat, stuck in a

15 Crazy facts you didn’t know about Australia

  1. Australia is roughly as wide as continental USA or as wide as the distance between London and Moscow

Release Your Inner Cheapskate With These 5 Stingy Hacks

You’ve been partying for a month; you’ve been on the lash several nights a week and you’ve spent hundreds on last minute shitty presents, …

10 new year’s resolutions that went horribly wrong

By the time you’ll read this you’ll have probably given up on one of your new year’s resolutions. Apparently, 88% of people quit within 2 …

These funny cards will shut up your nosy relatives

Christmas is that time of the year when you have some of the most awkward conversations with your family since “the talk“. From your mum’s …

See what happens when you give McDonald’s to food experts

These two Dutch guys got some junk food from McDonald’s, removed it from its wrapping and presented it to some food experts who were attending a food …

Desperate Tinder Blokes Posing With Tigers

When it comes to Tinder, guys as well as girls spend hours trying to pick the picture which will cause the most right swipes. But there’s a …

10 Of The Most Hilariously Adorable Owls

1.This owl who smashed the sound