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The benefits of meditation you didn’t know about

Most probably you already know that meditation is very good for you, but apart from relaxing you, meditation is great for many more different reasons. The only way to benefit from it though is to be quite regular: it is better to meditate daily for 5-10 minutes instead of trying to get through one or two longer sessions per week. Let’s explore some of the lesser known benefits:

1. Goodbye stress-related conditions

Most of us lead stressful lives which cause many a problem: from IBS to heart disease, stress can be a real killer. Although meditation alone can’t be a panacea for all your ailments, it can definitely ease some stress-related conditions. After all, mind and body are deeply interconnected and stress can cause a physiological reaction.

2. Better than a painkiller?

In 2001 the MIT discovered that people can learn to concentrate on physical sensations and, through meditation, they might be able to lower the intensity of physical pain. Great news for those who suffer from chronic pain!

3. A better immune system

Stress and anxiety have a pretty big impact on our immune system and can make us more susceptible to certain viruses and infections, especially in the Winter. Regular meditation lowers the amount of stress-related chemicals in our body thus keeping our immune system healthy.

4. It increases fertility

Stress has got an impact on our fertility and although the link is not clear yet, it is proven that stress-reducing activities can boost your fertility levels.


5. More self-acceptance and self-confidence

Becoming aware of one’s thoughts is at the heart of meditation. When we meditate we become more present and we’re able to “see” our thoughts and eventually control them. In this way we learn the ‘inner workings’ of our mind and we learn to accept who we are. We discover that our fears and insecurities are the outcome of an internal dialogue which goes on in our head. Once we learn to detach ourselves from this dialogue we become more accepting, which has the huge benefit of making us more confident. Once you like yourself your confidence levels will get a healthy boost.

6. Your relationship will benefit from it

When you’re relaxed and grounded you can connect better to other people and you’ll be less irritable. Also, meditation makes you aware of the dynamics of your relationship to others: how you treat them and how you expect to be treated by them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or if you’ve tried it before, make sure to make some time for your daily meditation practice and your life is guaranteed to change for the better.