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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move To London

Whether you’ve been living in London for a week, a year or a decade, some things are really hard to get used to if you come from abroad or even a different part of the UK! Here’s a list of things most people who move to London struggle with:

1. Tube Etiquette

And don't forget: no backflips at all times

And don’t forget: no backflips at all times

Don’t push.

Don’t hold the doors open.

Stand on the right on escalators.

Do not stop with your oversized luggage just in front of the entrance to the platform.

Make sure you have a shower before going out in the morning and don’t shove your armpit in someone else’s face.

These are only some of the rules you should follow when travelling on the tube. It’s not hard and they mostly make sense (apart from the fact that you never know whether to stand on the right or the left when going down/up the stairs).

To sum it up: Use common sense! ‘We’re all tired/in a hurry/sleepy so just get on with it.’ And never ever ever make eye contact.