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This Guy Photoshops Himself Into Celebrities’ Photos With Hilarious Results

All hail the new Internet legend! Peeje T (@peejet) has intruded on snaps on celebs with hilarious results, we wish we had his skills!


Just hanging with the president!

photo 12


Yeah we want to see our daughter from that position either.

photo 11


Rihanna has had a lot of weird things in her mouth.

photo 10


It’s a sad day to be a Lakers fan.

photo 9


We bet Chris isn’t happy about this shot…

photo 8


The cutest family shot of the Carters!

photo 7


He even got to touch Kim K’s famous ass.

photo 6


Nothing is cooler than being on the back of a motorbike with Beyonce.

photo 5


Kim K did this one better though.

photo 4


Just another day with the Carters.

photo 3


Damn Beyonce, all these chairs and you’re sitting on him?

photo 2


Feed me RiRi!

photo 1