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This is what happens when you tell Twitter you need more loo paper

What’s the first thing you do when you have a problem? Tell Twitter of course! Luckily for Adam Greenwood, a vlogger from Lancaster, the Virgin Trains social media team were able to heroically save him from potential disaster…

“I’ve just had a reasonably large poo and there is no toilet roll left on the Virgin Trains 19:30 train from Euston to Glasgow pls send help,” wrote Adam.

Oh no!

Thanks to the marvellous world of social media, Virgin Trains saw the distressed teen’s tweet and responded immediately asking him which coach he was in:

We imagine Adam was beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel…

…and just like that, help was on its way!

So what made Adam tweet about his distress?

“Well as soon as I saw the was no paper – I instantly thought, let’s tweet about it and make people laugh. There were a few small laughs on Twitter but nothing more. Then I sort of realised – oh no – there actually is no paper. “

marty mcflry

…and how did the life-saving loo roll get delivered?

“I saw a guy looking quite worried in a full black suit carrying toilet roll, after the awkward exchange and smiles, I grabbed it off him and finished what I started.

“Afterwards I just sort of left the loo roll on the side and I presume he went in after the smell cleared and attached it properly to the dispenser!”

After a bit of banter in which Adam told Virgin Trains he’d be travelling again with them soon the teen then tweeted this picture after they told him to ‘maybe bring some toilet paper, just in case.’

adam toilet roll

We bet he’ll check before before sitting down next time!