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This woman’s cravings will leave you speechless

Many women experience all sorts of weird cravings during pregnancy, but Jade Sylvester’s is one of the most bizarre ever.
While expecting her youngest son, Jaxon, she developed a craving for toilet paper.
Today she can easily go through an entire loo roll.

She thinks she might be affected by Pica, a condition in which people are led to eat objects which are not fit for eating like dirt, sand, glass and even carpets, sponges and candles.

Miss Sylvester said that a couple of months into pregnancy she started to develop a craving for toilet roll and what she finds most satisfying about it it’s the consistency of the loo roll and its dryness. She also has her favourite brands and said that different types of papers have a different taste and satisfy her cravings differently.

Sadly her cravings haven’t stopped since giving birth to her son and now she’s getting a bit worried. Unfortunately now Jade tries to use the toilet as little as possible as she knows that if she’s in there she can’t stop herself from chewing a sheet or two. Her kids have learnt to tell her off every time she’s caught chewing on some.

Many people affected by this condition are often admitted to hospital because of gastrointestinal issues caused by the weird stuff they ingest, but luckily Miss Sylvester’s craving has never caused such an issue.