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UK in uproar as Cadbury’s ruin more chocolate

If there’s one thing the British care deeply about, it’s chocolate. Not only do we have to deal with Cadbury’s taking chocolate coins off the market altogether as “they were too fiddly to wrap” and their branding “did not reflect the classic purple Cadbury theme” we’re still trying to swallow the upping the price of Freddo’s to a bank-breaking 65p from the purse friendly 10p we always found in the bottom of out pocket somewhere.

Just when we thought we had rode out the wave of our confectionery woes the UK was hit with the news our beloved Creme Eggs were no longer going to be made with the delicious Dairy Milk chocolate we know and love but instead replaced with ‘standard cocoa mix chocolate’ whatever the hell that is. We’re British, and we’re upset.




Unfortunately they’re not done kicking us when they’re down as not only have they changed the chocolate in our favourite fondant-filled treat they’ve also put 1 less in the box. Yes, you read that correctly, Cadbury’s are now only putting 5 Creme Eggs in the same box that we know and love… that was made for 6!


5 creme eggs


Whilst the boxes have an RRP of £2.85 most shops sold a box of 6 for £2 and that’s set to continue for this year too, just minus one egg.