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10 Shockingly Dangerous Celeb Weight Loss Secrets

Fad diets are more popular than ever what with more and more people adopting a low-carb eating plan or exercising more extreme weight loss plans with the cabbage soup diet and popping unidentified pills purchased from dodgy websites. As we all know, these quick fixes aren’t sustainable long-term and most people fall off the wagon pretty quickly as the only sure fire way to a healthier body is with exercise and a varied, healthy diet.

Celebrities, especially females aren’t scared of a quick fix weight loss plan if they have a huge event, tour or photo shoot coming up but we’re not so sure we’d be willing to give them a try…

1 – Beyonce


The Crazy In Love singer has no secret of her struggle with food and has admitted she loves junk, chocolate and fizzy drinks but she famous embarked on the maple syrup diet to shed a few pounds for her role in the movie Dreamgirls. The diet involved swigging a mixture of maple syrup, water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper several times a day with no food. Yikes!