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Watch These X Factor Contestants Have a Meltdown

As the 11th edition of the X factor draws to a close with a grand finale which will see the three finalists – Fleur East, Ben Haenow and Andrea Faustini – sing alongside Take That at Wembley Arena, we look back at the best of the worst. While some of the people who audition for this show should go for a mental health screening, some others have just gone with the intent of throwing abuse at the panel.
Let’s look at some of the worst auditions ever:

7. The Epileptic Pelvis

Despite his impressive pelvis dexterity, James failed to impress the panel. You can’t deny that he really tried hard though.

6. Ablisa

These refined ladies and marketing geniuses (Abby+Lisa= Ablisa! You got it? Yeah of course you did) definitely wear their heart on their sleeve. This is true especially when at the end of the sleeve there’s a fist ready to punch you into oblivion (well, not literally but you get the gist).

5. Rude Rachel

Rachel and her potty mouth will go down in TV history. The obnoxious, talentless, lazy and foul contestant didn’t wait too long before starting to hurl abuse at the panel. Definitely one of the worst auditions ever.

4. Ant & Seb AKA Ant & Deaf

The saddest brothers ever to appear on the telly, Ant was slightly ok but his brother was a tune deaf, rhythm-devoid mess. Also, while Ant looks like it’s been teleported from the 90s, his brother looks like a pensioner trapped in an 18-year old’s body.

3. The Carollers (or something like that)

More sadness than you can shake a stick at! This woman’s logic is flawless: I used to admire Simone and I thought he always said the truth but now that he said that I’m crap he’s full of shit. Well woman, we’re afraid but this time we agree with SyCo: your performance was as rock and roll as an episode of Cash in the Attic watched in SlowMo.

2. The scary one

Ariel is a holistic vocal coach (whatever that means). She’s not a number and she’s very academic. She also looks a bit like a mop but don’t let that put you off. She’s also rude and full of herself which always helps when you’re trying to impress some strangers. Not.

1. The Next Big Thing

This lovely fella likes to refer to himself as “the next big thing”. He’s a model, his girlfriend says that he’s got a powerful voice and he definitely has something going for him. Shame that his performance resembles a piece of interpretive dance more than a song. He looks like he’s trying to convey the pain and horror of a dying badger as seen by a hyperactive puppy. Enjoy!